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relating for anew world

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relating for anew world

We work with individuals and organizations to heal the masculine/feminine divide: internally, relationally, and collectively.

The world of matter is made of up of two complementary forces–masculine and feminine energy.

When well-mastered and united, they comprise the energy of Creation and contain everything we require to make new worlds

Whether our application is greater intimacy in relationship, new pathways of innovation, or more integrated leadership, understanding these two dynamic forces helps us to unlock our fullest potential

We are committed to a world of healthy, whole individuals who are able to contribute to the evolution and peace of humanity from their deepest gifts in ways that are authentic, fulfilling, and sustainable.

We do that by helping people understand the principle of gender as something beyond and distinct from designations of biological sex. Each of us contains both masculine and feminine components.

And, when we find the unique and healthy balance of those forces within us, we are free to love, to create, and to serve at deeper levels.

Love + Freedom Education

relating for a new world.


the highest calling of the feminine


The Feminine Path (for women and feminine-identitifed folx).

We work closely with the principles of desire, surrender, masculine/feminine understanding and creation to unlock sustainable feminine power and self-expression.


the highest calling of the masculine


The Masculine Path (for men and masculine-identified folx).

This path focuses on right use of passion, purpose, and personal leadership in the context of self-responsibility to create an agentful and self-expressed experience of life.


the ecstasy of mutual compassion


For everyone.

How the masculine and feminine come together to amplify both Love + Freedom.


the expression of understanding


For groups and organizations.

Bringing a solid understanding of masculine/feminine principles to our communities and workplaces in order to support the greatest contribution from all people.

If you’re reading this, you are alive in a time of massive cultural evolution. In the last 100 years, women have gained the right to vote, have risen to top leadership positions around the world, joined the work force, and become head of household at unprecedented rates. 

But, with little exception, the rise of women in the public and professional sphere has seen little increase in the participation of The Feminine. Women have been asked to adapt to established masculine ways of working and contributing in order to be seen as valuable contributors. The net result is significantly more women in positions of power, but almost negligible shift in bringing feminine values (like cooperation, multi-valent thinking, and feeling/sensing)  into the ways that we govern, do business, or attempt to remedy some of our most intractable social problems. 

On the flip side, that same time period has asked men to become increasingly more emotionally expressive, compassionate, and constrained in their self-expression. 

While these may have been a necessary part of introducing change, We have now arrived at a historical moment that requires more wholeness, more self-awareness, 

Moving from an equity/parity model where we all need to behave alike to a complementarity model where we have mutual respect for our divergent strengths. The true power of gendered expression is one of the most fundamental and least understood factors of true diversity. 

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani

About Our Founder

Love + Freedom was conceived and created by Kianga Ford

Photo Credit: Luis Tejeda

My name is Kianga Ford, and I’m the very real woman behind Love + Freedom Education.  

I’ve been called a lot of things… Man Whisperer…Oracle…Earth Mother…Goddess…

And all of those contain a piece of truth. Not in any arrogant way. 

I am one who listens deeply. 

I am a channel for the compassionate understanding of the human experience and the human potential. 

I serve the joining of Heaven and Earth. 

I am a creator who serves Creation.

And, lest that all sound rather “woo”, I should say that I wholeheartedly believe that these are ideas and ideals that require everyday boots-on-the-ground application. We find the Divine through the Embodied. We chop wood. We carry water. We deal with what is. 

It’s been nearly a decade ago now since I walked through the doorway of what I now call the Creation Arts–bringing into harmony the masculine and feminine aspects in all of life. It seemed almost “accidental” at the time. And my life has never been the same. 

When I first heard the call of this path, I was a university professor and a fine artist, running one of the top fine arts programs in New York City and traveling the world for artist residencies and commissions.

I think it’s fair to say that I still work with art…the Creation Arts, the Expansion Arts, the Life Arts. I continue to serve, with delight, the artists and innovators in all of us–that we might bring more of our fullest and most integrated selves to what we are creating. It is a core tenet of our work here that what we are creating is also creating us. Whether that’s an artwork, organization, or a new relationship. 

If you want to talk about practical credentials, I have a PhD (abd) in cultural theory and another graduate degree in fine art. I’m also a certified life coach and Orgasmic Meditation trainer. But what really qualifies me to do this work is that I’ve walked the walk in the real world. What I teach has been forged and clarified many times over by real world challenges. Even though I have an academic background, what I offer is a living practice and not an intellectual theory. 

I’ve parlayed decades of work as an artist and educator into a refined expertise in Experience and Curriculum Design. What results is not information. It’s a context for you to have your own personal and direct experience with the Principles of Creation. And a guarantee that you’ll leave changed by it.

About Our community

Community is at the core of what we do. We prize the transformative capacity of the presence, support, and reflection of a safe group of peers.

The Love + Freedom community has participants from all six of the inhabited continents, from all walks of life, and journeys of experience. All who are curious are welcome here.

work with us

We work with organizations, leaders, and everyday individuals through a variety of group coaching programs, one-on-one coaching offerings, retreats, workshops, and custom-designed curricula. 

At the core of our work with individuals is a 3-year study curriculum, with unique and distinct masculine and feminine pathways. We believe we come together most constructively when we create safe environments that speak first to our differences and allow us to cultivate those differences into strengths.

The 3-Year Curriculum

The Feminine Path

The Masculine Path

Leadership Programs

Retreats + Intensives

Support for Organizations

Which one best describes you:

We would love to learn about you. Who you are has everything to do with how we can best serve you. Please take a moment and share with us a bit about who you are. We’ll add you to our community lists and share more about offerings in this specific area.


+ Feminine-Identified


+ Masculine-Identified



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