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You’ve heard of it. You have the faintest inkling that maybe it’s not the negative thing you once thought it to be. That it’s not defeat. That it’s not telling someone else they’re better, stronger, or more capable than you. You’re not sure, but you think it could be the doorway to
something different.

 Imagine a world where it’s actually the doorway to everything you’ve ever dreamed of or desired. In fact, it’s the key to truly discovering your dreams and desires at the deepest level.

 Feminine power comes from surrender—it comes from your being not your doing. You may have heard this before and had no idea what it meant. You may have seen a glimpse of what it might mean somewhere in your life, and you’re looking to find out how to have more of it.

Step into the unknown

with all of your power

Since you’re here, chances are good you’ve found yourself in the middle of some big leap – or you’re wanting to make one. You’ve started to look for a new way to do things. You’ve hit capacity and are exhausted with your current ways of doing things…or your old ways have just plain stopped working.  You’re done letting fear hold you back, but you also have to face the very real uncertainty that can come with stepping into the unknown.

the path is the gift

It really isn’t about getting to the destination, the goal, the end of the story. It’s about having the skills and the support to make the process of becoming more enjoyable, more potent, and more fruitful.

We’re talking about you living YOUR best life in a way that is satisfying to you. Now. And every day. Not just when you reach the goal.

Dial up your connection to your intuition.

Use your body to make decisions.

Experience what it feels like to let go of the control that’s been exhausting you.

Discover what you desire beyond other people’s expectations.

Explore what your sexuality has to tell you about your personal path to success.

Photo Credit: Andrew Kearns for Playa Viva

an invitation…

You are invited to an intimate and life-changing crucible of deep personal exploration in the transformative surrender arts.

 Join us for 5 days oceanfront in the lush jungle of Mexico’s Pacific Coast for a deep dive into what surrender means for your life and next steps.

Photo Credit: Kev Steele for Playa Viva

Photo Credit: Kev Steele for Playa Viva

Photo Credit: Gabe Flores for Playa Viva

Photo Credit: Kev Steele for Playa Viva

saying yes means…

Making space for all of you.

Shedding what no longer serves.

Undoing patterns… of scarcity…of unworthiness…of perfectionism…of relationship wounding…of…

Uncovering what it is you desire…just because it feels good to desire it.

Deciding who you are going to be and what you are ready to commit to, and then moving toward it as if it is already yours.

Listening to the tiny voice within that knows exactly how you are to get from here to there, that knows exactly what you need.

Receiving the breadcrumbs of clues for the path, the perfect puzzle pieces in the perfect time, the gifts you’ve always wanted, the healing you didn’t expect along the way.

Photo Credit: Kayla Mendez for Playa Viva

How we do anything is how we do everything.

So, no matter if your dream is partnership or family or raging career success, if your goals are financial or completely immaterial, the way to get there is the same. The shared road to all of those “theres” is the path of surrender.

If you’ve already heard the yes inside, schedule a call to find out more.

the places

A Side – Beachfront in Zihuatanejo

Playa Viva is a stunning 200-acre permaculture reserve. A unique eco luxury destination, Playa Viva has something for everyone. Enjoy the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an environmentally conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices. Be immersed in the lush natural landscape, with almost a mile of pristine beachfront, set at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains rising in the distance.

The organic farm, garden and orchard serves a farm-to-table kitchen that will provide us 3+ delicious meals for each day of our stay. The property boasts miles of beachfront walking and trails that take you through the restoration of a coastal forest, mangrove and archaeological sites. The setting offers an expansive context for reflection and rest.

Photo Credit: Ava Blu for Playa Viva

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani

B Side – City Center in CDMX (Ciudad de Mexico), Mexico’s capital city

Mexico City (CDMX) is a bustling, vibrant creative capital, full of amazing food, shopping, and architecture. It’s a crossroads of the ancient and the modern. It’s the oldest city in North America and also one of the most dynamic of the contemporary cities. Home to countless museums, cafes, and styles, beautiful playground to find your own flavor of pleasure. We’ll be bringing the fruits of our beachfront resting into this rich mélange to delight ourselves and discover what’s turning on the newest versions of ourselves. 

the programs

Invitation to Surrender

November 8th – 12th, 2022

The arc of the retreat is set to give you the opportunity to land in, connect with others, go deep, rest, refresh, reset, digest, and re-emerge a new version of yourself. Every day on retreat will have its own flavor, and cultivating peaceful agility with what comes is part of what’s on the agenda. 

For imagination purposes, you can expect our days to flow something like this…

Creation – CDMX Style

November 12th – 15th, 2022

If you have a business or passion that you’d like to see birthed or directed from a place of surrender, you might also want to join us for Creation. Three additional days, immersed and inspired by Mexico City’s most fertile arts districts, clarifying your brand, finding your voice, and integrating surrender into the way you do business. For us, business includes all iterations of your offerings to the world —be they projects, non-profits, movements, land offerings, online businesses, or brick and mortar storefronts.

It’s like an A side and a B side.

First we fill our hearts and souls with the nutrients we most need and we rest. And then, from that place of fullness, we uncover and put form to the things we want to share with the world.

the investment

The investment includes:

Invitation to Surrender Group Coaching Container. A live monthly community call and online teaches on the principles of surrender from now until we travel and for one month after we travel, concluding in December. You are included from the moment you enroll, so, your investment can include up to 4 months of group coaching.

A pre-travel group preparation call, so you make sure you’re prepared to make the most of the experience.

A 30 minute post-travel 1:1 follow-up call to help you integrate your new insights on surrender into your real life.

Accommodations, airport transfer, all meals and beverages besides alcohol and venue-designated special drinks.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Playa Viva

Not included:

Your travel to and from the venue.

Travel insurance (highly recommended).

Invitation to Surrender only – $4,400

Invitation to Surrender
and Creation CDMX Style – $7,000

Deposit  (non-refundable) – $1000

10% discount for investments paid in full at the time of enrollment through 9/8/22

All payments must be completed 30 days prior to travel.

The journey begins the moment you sign up.

A little about me (your retreat leader and cauldron concierge)…

Photo Credit: Luis Tejeda

My name is Kianga Ford, and I’m the very real woman behind Love + Freedom Education.  A little more than 8 years ago now, I walked through the doorway of surrender. Almost accidentally at the time. My life has never been the same. At that time, I was a university professor and a fine artist, running one of the top fine arts programs in New York City. I’m now a full-time entrepreneur with a coaching business that focuses on helping men and women to unlock the full potential waiting within each of us. To do that, I help people understand how to master and use the twin forces of creation—masculine and feminine energy. Say what?! Yes, there was a time when I used almost zero feminine energy. And I was…well…tired.

Probably the most important thing to know is that I’ve built/am building both my business and my life without force or efforting, without exhausting myself with the endless to-do’s and shoulds of my previous lives. I move from what turns me on. I grow my offerings organically, largely from the seat of my intuition.

It’s a sustainable life. That I LOVE, and that is deeply sourced from a place of feminine power.

I have a PhD (abd) in cultural theory and another graduate degree in fine art. I’m also a certified life coach and Orgasmic Meditation trainer. But what really qualifies me to do this work is that I’ve walked the walk in the real world. I’ve lived into the principles of surrender while caretaking a terminally-ill parent, while navigating the wilds of dating, while choosing to move across country to a place where I knew almost no one, and while shedding all my worldly possessions to move onto a 42’ sailboat with my love (yes, he appeared in this process) to circumnavigate the world. What I teach has been forged and clarified many times over by real world challenges. Despite my academic background, this is a living practice and not an intellectual theory.

what I know about you…

Like me, you’ve done it like it’s supposed to be done.

You likely have the exhaustion to prove it.

You’ve seen the top of your game.

You know what I mean when I describe being “trapped in your competence” You can recognize the smell of obligation and the devil of “appropriateness”.

When you first heard the word “hyper-independent” you felt nailed.

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani

You’ve probably got a lot going on. You’re making big things happen, and everywhere you look, you’re in charge of something: a household, a partnership, kids, employees, the success of a company, maybe a company of your own, making your mark in the world as best you can.

You’re trying to keep all the balls in the air amidst making big moves. Secretly you know you’re feeling exhausted. And this path is unsustainable.

You may have made an investment (or a few) in coaching or business support that didn’t bring everything you’d hoped it would.

One of the things you long for is a place to let it all go. A place where you can just be, not worry about to-do lists or people needing things from you.

You long for surrender.

You may also be afraid…

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani

Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

our community

We are a group of women from all walks of life and many places across the globe, who have committed to the life-changing ride of surrender. It’s been our safe space through Covid and beyond. It’s been a place for…

…all in warm and safe communion.

We welcome you to join us. We’ve been holding a space for you.

our guest facilitators

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani

Summer Hokulani

Summer is driven by a persistent craving to capture and share the beauty she sees everywhere, and to show people to themselves in ways they may have never seen themselves before. She photographs in order to make something extraordinary out of ordinary moments. In her work, she creates a space for her muses to embody the power that wants to move through them so that she can capture those moments of truth and present them back as evidence of the raw and pure creative forces we all are meant to be in this world.

Photo Credit: Jennifer L. Miller

Barbara Grundy Evans, Wild Blackberry Studio

Barbara loves working with passionate, purpose-driven business owners and solo entrepreneurs, elevating business through amazing design. She helps businesses figure out who they are, how they want people to feel, what they want people to remember about them and then co-creating an identity around that. Through her highly collaborative and iterative design process, she channels an authentic set of visuals that tell the real story about your endeavors, so you can connect with your people.

invitation to surrender is…

…a 5-day retreat with a community of women practicing surrender as a way of life.

…appropriate for women of all ages, in all stages of their journey to Surrender.

…limited in enrollment for an intimate, personalized experience.

…an opportunity to deeply immerse in how it feels…

to allow pleasure to guide you. 

to tap your intuition and listen internally with your body for your next steps.

to create ritual, practice, and community to support you in traversing the unknown.

to fully savor every moment of your life, not just rush toward the goal.

to experience the richness of crafting the perfect experience for you.

to expand and take up space by simply being.

It’s time to talk about it.

Is it OK to contact you via text?
Have you previously attended any transformational retreats?
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Do you know anyone who has worked with Love + Freedom?